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5 Essential WordPress Plugins for Portfolio Sites

WordPress is both the world’s most popular blogging platform and the widest used Content Management System (CMS). And one of the reasons it’s so popular is that it happily supports templating and plugins, making it highly flexible and customisable to suit different website needs.
This flexibility, alongside the platform’s huge popularity, means there’s thousands of free plugins available on the web. Using a WordPress site to present your portfolio is easier than ever thanks to the increasing number of stunning plugins available. There are literally thousands of portfolio plugins for WordPress, many of them aimed at creative professionals.
The main focus of your portfolio is your work, and so you have to professionally present your portfolio. This can be done through using some appropriate WordPress plugins. Read on to decide which ones are more suitable for your WordPress site. Here are 5 best WordPress Plugins for Portfolio Sites to Showcase Your Work:

1.    Filterable jQuery Portfolio Plugin

Filterable jQuery Portfolio Plugin okUsing this free plugin you can transform your portfolio in to a cutting edge jQuery powered gallery that lets you feature and sort your work like a pro.
Plugin Features

  • Custom post types for portfolio items.
  • Youtube, Vimeo, Quicktime video support.
  • Built-in PrettyPhoto gallery for image and video preview.
  • Easy categorization and jQuery sort feature.

2.    Media Grid – WordPress Responsive Portfolio

Media Grid - WordPress Responsive Portfolio okThe plugin uses the latest CSS3 and jQuery tecnologies to adapt each portfolio to its container. No matter if is wide or short, the grid will be always displayed correctly.

Also in responsive themes, you can choose if use the automatic resizing system or set a relative width to keep the grid items always on the same size, they will be placed in the best way possible to ensure the best layout.

  • Full media support
  • Media Grid satisfy all your needs letting you create different types of portfolio. Each item can be
  • A simple static image
  • An image
  • An image gallery
  • A video (from Youtube or Vimeo)
  • An mp3 player with one or more mp3 tracks
  • A link

3.    One Page Portfolio

One Page Portfolio okThe plugin can diplay all your works on one page using a shortcode[opp]. You can choose one category as your portfolio category then publish your works post one by one to the category. The page you add shortcode will display all your works using pinterest-like style. You can add tags to these posts, then choose which tags to filter these posts. You can choose the thumbnails size to change the image size on the portfolio page, but before that you need set the feature images for every posts. You can choose to display the title and content or not, all of them will be displayed on current portfolio page using a magic style.

4.    TS Display – Portfolio and Gallery Plugin

TS Display - Portfolio and Gallery PluginTS Display is a wordpress plugin for display portfolio and gallery. You can use this plugin to manage portfolio post and show photo gallery in your website.

5.    Portfolio

PortofolioWith the Portfolio plugin you can create a unique page for displaying portfolio items consisting of screenshots and additional information such as description, short description, URL, date of completion, etc. Moreover you can add not just one, but many screenshots to one portfolio item for better visual guidance.

  • Actions: Create a template with page navigation to display all portfolio items.
  • Actions: Regenerate thumbnails after changing their size.
  • Options: Change image size and a number of images displayed in the row.
  • Actions: Edit labels of additional fields.
  • Display: Enable/disable the option of additional fields displaying.
  • Actions: Display the latest portfolio items on your page or post using the shortcode [latest_portfolio_items count=3]

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