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7 Best Flip Book WordPress Plugins To Showcase Your Sales Brochures And Product Catalogs

Have you ever wanted to give your website the look and feel of  flipping through a magazine?
Well  you can, just by using a Page Flip plugin.
There are some amazing flip-page plug-ins that replicate the same effect we enjoy when flipping photo albums and magazines from one page to another. This interactive flash effect is perfect for websites with a lot of  pictures or websites with image galleries. Instead of showcasing all your images and links on a bland page, make them more animated and interactive with flip-page effects.
If you want to showcase your sales brochures and product catalogs, I’m sure you will use jQuery flipbook plugins. Because, this type of plugins provide an effective attraction for customer to look as they are reading a real book. One advantage of using jQuery flipbook plugins is that they allow you to showcase more contents to the visitor in an impressive way.

1.    A Page Flip Book

Page Flip BookPage Flip Book for WordPress is the easiest way to manage virtual 3D books you can browse with your mouse. This plugin allows you to upload, resize, border and re-order your images. You can also choose background image or texture if you need it.

Both Flash AND jQuery animations, iOs compliant

Why you must install this plugin :

  •     Standalone FREE WordPress page flip book plugin
  •     Choose between Flash (elegant) or jQuery (cross browser)
  •     Support Tablets & Smartphones (will force jQuery on iOs)
  •     Animation control bar
  •     Easy Drag & Drop image management (Ajax based)
  •     Auto resize on upload
  •     Can automatically add a border to your pages
  •     Flip pages clicking corners, controls or pressing keyboard arrows

2.    WP jQuery Pager

WP jQuery PagerThis plugin is a lightweight way to easily add an booklet to a page or post using the built-in WordPress gallery to upload and organize your booklet images/pages.

3.    WordPress Flipper 2.0: Flipbook style slider!

WordPress Flipper 2 0 Flipbook style sliderFlipper is a WordPress plugin that lets you transform any content to a beautiful book-like slider. Flipper is very optimized for touchscreen. In fact, it feels even better when you flick the pages with your finger. The plugin can accept width and height as parameters. You can specify in the parameters if you wish to disable the arrows or the pager. Flipper comes with 10 preset layouts and you can effortlessly switch between them, upload images and even spice it up with some CSS . All from the admin panel

4.    Real 3D FlipBook – responsive jQuery plugin

Real 3D FlipBook - responsive jQuery plugin okFeatures:

  •     the most realistic paper animation
  •     real 3d – lights, shadows, page bending
  •     easy to use and customize
  •     responsive design – book resizes so it fits screen width or screen height depending on the layout, thumbnails are placed horizontally or vertically depending on the layout
  •     optimized for mobile – look and feel of a native app on mobile with touch swipe, pinch zoom etc
  •     no Flash Player needed to run
  •     smart page loading – only current pages are loaded
  •     choose between 3 types of flip animation – webgl realistic 3d, jquery 2d or CSS3 3d flip animation customizable animation speed and transition type
  •     show all pages – thumbnails
  •     table of content – customizable
  •     advanced zooming support with mouse wheel zoom on desktop, pinch zoom on mobile, scrollbars when zoomed, touch swipe, click and drag

5.    FlipBook v7 – WordPress Plugin

FlipBook v7 - WordPress PluginFeatures:

– multibook – you can add a few books ( icon at the bottom left )
– reverse flip book for the eastern countries (right to left)
– shorcode
– you can add jpg, png or swf files (swf file can be attached video)
– you can add a double page
– you can print pages
– you can add logo and logo redirect
– you can attach a file to download (zip )
– you can change the background
– you can add description on home page
– you can change all colors
– you can add title for page
– you can hide/show shadow for page
– you can hide/show page number
– you can enable/disabled smoothing for page
– you can enable full screen at any time
– unlimited number of FlipBook

6.    Responsive Flip Book WordPress Plugin

Responsive Flip Book WordPress Plugin okIt is fully HTML & jQuery driven no Flash Player needed. Works on desktop and mobile devices! You get the same experience on every platform because responsive design makes it look good on all resolutions. Easy to customize with an advanced admin panel


  •     HTML and jQuery driven,
  •     responsive design,
  •     easy setup through advanced admin panel, no need for programing knowledge
  •     inserted to post/pages through shortcode wizard no need to copy/paste
  •     double pages,
  •     easy page styling with HTML & CSS,
  •     works the same on desktop & mobile devices,
  •     table of content,
  •     slide show,
  •     show all pages,
  •     single page zoom,
  •     unique URL for each page,
  •     no Flash Player needed,
  •     clean and simple design

7.    WowBook, create ebooks with page flip

WowBook create ebooks with page flip okWowBook is jQuery plugin that allows you to create a online publication(like a book or magazine) with 2 different page flipping effects.

Features :

  •     doesn’t need flash
  •     2 realistic page flipping effects, one for hardcovers and other for regular sheets of paper.
  •     supports all major browsers (fallback for IE7 and IE8)
  •     easy to use: create your content using HTML and CSS.
  •     deeplinking
  •     links work as expected: create a link to a page or a element inside the book, and the book will show the respective page
  •     zoom
  •     support browser’s back button
  •     slideshow
  •     keyboard navigation (configurable)
  •     mouse wheel navigation (configurable)

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