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How to Get Google Traffic, 12 Everlasting Ways to Get More Traffic for Newbies

How to Get Google Traffic, Get More Traffic

How to get Google traffic? Maybe, this is the most FAQ by new bloggers. They face difficulty in getting traffic, even if they have awesome site content.

This article let you to know the effective ways how to get Google Traffic. You’ve already knew, that there’s no any science in blogging which can place you on the top of Google or any search engine. Writing some awesome content also doesn’t guarantee to get good traffic. So, you should know there’s something not on supposed. Here, I’ll bring you to start an exicitng journey.

1.    Choosing the Right Niche

Keep in you mind, this is the most important part.  All based on your knowledge on what blog you’re going to carry on. For instance, there’s a newbie who start Blogging niche the he published article like “how to earn money from blogging”. I don’t think you’ll go to read the article because you know the the blogger himself didn’t make enough money from his blog but giving tips about earning money.
You got my point, right? I hope so. What you have to do is you should go with the niche which suits your skills and knowledge, because it will guarantee you to be able to write your great content for a long time.

2.    Write for Search Engines

Right now, you don’t have any loyal reader, so focus on Search Engine traffic. Write for search engine. Do keyword research for your article title as well as keyword stuffing. Remember don’t add unnecessary keywords which is not required in your article, it’s considered as bad practice by search-engine giant Google.

3.    Focus More on Content and Less on your traffic stats

Why you should focus more on Content than your traffic stats? Most of the newbies tend to see their traffic stats every few hours each day. The fact is that Google takes time to index your content. So, when you check the traffic you won’t see the rapid change.
Try not to see the traffic too often. I’d suggest you to focus on writing the article in a week –it can be 5-7 articles- then you can see the development of the traffic. It will not only keep you away from fatigue of your high enthusiasm of writing, but also your passion will be high throughout the week while writing all your post. Just try it out!

4.    Write Genuine Content

Don’t copy post from other’s site. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. And of course, Google really hates plagiarism. How the way out? Do some research for topics on your niche -which is not easy to find. Use appropiate search engine and accordingly use titles for your post based on keyword research.
Writing awesome content will give some great benefit to you. It can improve your search engine rankings; it will help in getting quality back-links as well. People who read your content and they feel satisfied of it, will give reference to your post for something that they are proving or helping someone with in forums/communities etc.
So, write original articles which you get say as your own creation, proudly!

5.    Use Google Adword Keyword Tool

I would suggest you to start with Google Adword Keyword Tool. There are many Keyword tools available outside. But I thought, it’s worthy for your starting point.

For instance, I am writing a post with the title “using windows 7″, but I search for “how to use windows”. Then, I got related suggestions with much more monthly searches both locally and globally. You should focus on the number of the search globally.

The more you search, the better the results you’ll get. Search as a “reader” that what will help you in getting better keywords for your article as well as article’s title.

Note: Google Adword keyword tool will be replaced by Keyword planner.

6.    Use Yoast SEO Plugin! (WordPress only)

I would suggest you to try Yoast SEO plugin which is free and very effective. It will fulfill your SEO needs. Make sure that you fill meta description, meta title section below your post of Yoast SEO. It gives complete analysis of your mistake SEO wise. Just have to scroll down the finished article and click on the PAGE ANALYSIS tab under Yoast SEO after writing your post. Don’t forget to fill alt. info of the images you going to use in your article as you can get traffic via Image search based on the alt. text too.
(Gambar Yoast SEO Plugin)

Use Scribe SEO plugin for other platform or there is an inbuilt tool for SEO for Blogger.

7.    Promote More in Google+

Take the advantages form Google+ for your article’s activity. Get more G+ by sharing post in different groups.

Tip: You can get you good amount of +1 is by installing Google+ comment system on your blog, every time someone comments on your post anywhere on Google+ network, you will see an increase in G+ counts of that particular post.

8.    Promote More than Publish!

“Publish or Perish” is not applicable here . Publishing the articles, surely, is important. But, promoting activity is more important. You also can use different networks to promote your articles.

You’ll get genuine readers and automatically your Alexa ranking will get increase. It also will help Tech Niche for better Alexa ranking.

9.    Never use Traffic Exchange programs

Never ever use traffic bots, as they will decrease your Alexa rank or good traffic but in the eyes of Google you doing a big unforgivable crime and your posts rankings might go down eventually. Plus you won’t be eligible for their advertising program known as Google Adsense.

10.    Maintain Posting Frequency

Fix a number of articles that you will write every week. Write 2-3 post on weekend to decrease work load and then publish later throughout the week. In recent Google Algorithm updates, blogs with a routine posting habit didn’t get hit much as other’s with irregular posting habitude. It will not only help in increasing your DOMAIN AUTHORITY and PAGE authority but also in getting your post indexed by Google faster the next time you an article.

11.    Do not ever upset your readers!

Yes, this might sound harsh but don’t install any type of News-letter subscriptions or Facebook Page Like pop-up. It seriously annoys genuine readers. Instead place a Facebook Like box in the sidebar and for feed-burner/news-letter subscription option below the post.

12.    Let your Blog grow, then think of Earning

First gain visitors, reduce bounce rate by inter-linking your articles and after you have successfully made some returning visitors with decent traffic daily, try advertisement programs like Adsense, Yahoo Ads or try writing paid reviews which you can get only with some virtuous Google Pagerank, Alexa ranking, Domain Authority etc.
Content is still the king, but a proper optimized content will ensure that you get enough traffic from Google search and other organic search engines.

So write awesome content with the tips and succeed!!!a

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