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How to Display Testimonials with Testimonial Basics WordPress Plugin

People need some of suggestion or recommendation on what they’re looking for. In other word they search for reviews or testimonials whether online or from friend who they believe.

Positive testimonials or reviews will increase interest and also show the different features that make a website or business beneficial. Using testimonials is a professional way to make clear what makes your blog, business or portfolio great without coming across as arrogant or self involved.

Testimonial Basics is a free WordPress Plugin that allows users to display testimonials in their posts or sidebar (via widget) as well as adding a spot for users to add their own testimonials!

Installing “Testimonial Basics”

First of all, head over to Testimonial Basics’ WordPress page and download version 1.0.7. Go to your WordPress site, go to Plugins, Add New, and Upload the Testimonial Basics zip folder. Install and Activate!

Upon activation, notice Testimonial Basics added to your plugins.

Configuring and Implementing “Testimonial Basics”

Testimonial Basics allows users to both input testimonies and have users add them through a widget. When selected ‘Testimonial Basics’ under the plugin menu, a screen like the one below will appear. Here users can enter or update testimonials and see a list of all previously entered testimonials. Fill in each required category, press approved and save testimonial for it to be added to the list.

Testimonial Basics allows testimonials to be added in widget form as well as post. In order to add it to a post, enter the shortcode [katb_testimonial by=”date” number=”5″ id=””] and fill in “by”, “number” and “id” to specify which testimonial will appear.

To fill in “by”, input “order” to display highest to lowest or “date” to display the most recent testimonial first. Options for filling in “number” are either “all”, which displays all testimonials, or fill type in the number of testimonials you want to appear. For “id”, leave blank if opting to display multiple testimonials, input “random” for a random testimonial or enter the ID of the single testimonial to appear. After adding the shortcode to your post, preview or publish, and this will result.

Testimonial Basics offers two Widgets, one to display testimonials and one for users to add testimonials. Both widgets can be titled as preferred. Similar to the shortcode, the

Testimonial Display Widget offers users to choose between a random testimonial appearing or they can enter a testimonial ID.

The result of the Testimonial Input Widget appears below and includes Author, Email, Website, Location and Testimonial.

The Testimonial Display Widget simply features a title and testimonial.

In Conclusion

Testimonial Basics surely is a great addition to any blog or business. A good review can catch a new user’s interest and turn them to become a regular! This plugin is easy to install and put into use as well, and it is free! If you are interested to try Testimonial Basics, head over to the WordPress page to download!

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