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10 WordPress Tips for Novice Users

Okay, Don’t get overwhelmed when you have started working with WordPress. Just keep in your mind that you have made a right decision. And I’m goint to help you in the case make your decision become wiser.

At your disposal, there are several very powerfull tools. You will able to communicate with arround the world because of them. But may be you’re not underdstand how to use them because you’re the beginners. So, here is the most popular 10 WordPress Tips for Novice Users:

1. Permalinks

In simple words, permalink is the URLs your blog posts belong. And these aren’t unimportant! To be honest, these permalink decide how well your post to be shown up in the search engines.

How can you set them?
You can adjust them at WordPress settings. There will be several URLs is shown there. But you’d better to choose Custom structure and type /%postname%.html/. Now, your permlink contains your post name which is easily searched either by Google, Yahoo or Bing.

How to make an intelligent URL?
Don’t use too many keywords in a URL. You can use the key words by eleminating any unneccessary words.

2. Themes

Your blogs can be more attractive with WordPress themes. Your blog is able to be easily customized with them.

WordPress has so many default themes, either from them or every otheer blogger. But, I’m sure that you don’t want make your blog just the similar as the other ones.

Actually, I would never recommend you to choose any WordPress themes from them. You can get a different look to your blog and get your premium and unique theme. And your work will be more interesting.

Themes are the perfect indication of one’s taste. Blog theme can always be changed. However if you are paying even a single penny for acertain theme, it is worth it.

3. Aimed Titles and Description

When you share your posts and pages on social media such as Google+, facebook and LinkedIn, they need a title and description for what you are posting. These services will pick these titles and descriptions up every time they are posted.

When people looking for something in the search engine and then one of your post appears with the title and description that you have given, for that person, the title and description will be the main consideration wether to visit on your post or not. You have played a very professional role for this purpose.

Descriptions are basically targeted at the readers and the titles are a main element of the search engines. In short words, both of them have to be designed powerfull enough to encurage the people to click.

Note: pay a attention over waht encourages clicks! In this case, you will need an SEO optimization software called Scribe. This will be your extra hand when deciding titles and descriptions.

4. The Kitchen Sink Button and The Screen Options Tab

Since you are a novice user, may be you don’t know every single thing that appears on your WordPress page. Take it easy. I’m going to help you here.

Look at the small ‘kitchen sink’ button on WordPress editor. Click on it and you will find a new row appears at the bottom. This row contains an extra formating and importing options. Use the to adjust your posts.

Then, may be you have ever seen a tiny tab on almost every page in your WordPress administrator named ‘Screen Option’. By clicking it, you will able to turn on or turn off elements wether you want to use it or not. On all the pages, this option will be seen, but will different from page to page depending on what plugins you are using.

5. Pugins

WordPress is equipped by plugins that you can do everything with them, and that’s why WordPress is amazing but also simple. But do not just over react and start download all the plugins. Lets begin with install the basic ones.

In the default state, you have had Akismet and Google XML installed. Despite they are already exists, but you have to activate it. The Askimet key is aimed at reducing spams to its minimum numbers. And the Google XML is important too. It is for the SEO which enables your blog is easily found by search enigne.

Other important plugin such as: All in One SEO Pack, WP Optimize and WP Database Backup. You might easily know their purpose by reading their name.

6. Sticky Posts

Some of your blog posts can be on top of all the posts, and the date of the article is not a big deal anymore.

How can I make a sticky post?

You can see a ‘Visibility’on your ‘Edit Posts’ page. And then click the ‘Edit’ link followed by clicking the ‘Stick this post to the front page’. Finally click OK. That’s it.
Actually, there is another way you can follow to make it as well:
Posts >> All posts >> Quick edit
And then, click ‘Make this post sticky’ then click ‘Next’. You will have the same sticky posts as well as the first one.

7. Browser Cache

Some times when you make a changse on your website, but you never see them afterward. Don’t panic, because the only one you need to do is clear the browser cache and you will solve this problem by your own hand.

To clear it is very easy. Just press the SHIFT button on your keyboard and hold it, while click the ‘refresh’ button in browser. Once you get your browser cache is cleared, you will see the changes you made to your website former time.

8. Footer Area

You might have ever seen the footer area at the bottom of your WordPress site. It is almost seldom that people notice something small like this, but it takes a big part to keep your visitors and readers engaged.

Instead, this area allows you to add your identity, informtion about the website owner, link to some page or any copyright message. If you think you need a larger footer area, you can expand this area by using the premium themes.

You have to make full use of this section because sometimes people who is interested to your site will sroll down tohave a glace of all such information.

9. Security

Wether you are a free WordPress Blogger or a self hosted WordPress user, you have to secure your password properly. If you are sure that your WordPress is secure, you will find that you can sleep tight tonight. So that you can be focus on your targets: maybe writing article for your blogs and many more. Therefore dont take this tip lightly.

10. Tracking

If you want to improve your site, you have to track your visitors. By using Google Analytics and Jetpack stats. The Jetpack stats is available only to free WordPress blog users. However, the self hosted WordPress users can take more benefit than the Jetpack by using Google Analytics. Your own visits will be filtered out which is indeed a must by using Google Analytics.

Welcome to Wordpress Mind! We aim to be a source of quality information free WordPress themes for WordPress lovers all around the world.

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