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March 8, 2014
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March 10, 2014

9 Best Powerful Page Builder And Content Builder WordPress Plugins

If you want to save your most time of working on the site content, you should consider to use the page builder. Page builder will let you to take full control over your site content. Using page builder means holding a powerful tool for building custom content pages aided with innovative visual composer. You can choose every different type of layouts, and most of them have a drag-and-drop systems so that you can add all the content that you need regardless of the template that you are using. Here are the 9 Best Powerful Page Builder And Content Builder WordPress Plugins!

1. Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress

Visual Composer Page Builder for WordPress
Visual Composer for WordPress is drag and drop frontend and backend page builder plugin that will save you tons of time working on the site content. You will be able to take full control over your WordPress site, build any layout you can imagine – no programming knowledge required. Moreover, now you can choose either work on a backend or move your page building process to frontend and instantly see changes you make.

Have you ever noticed how much time you spend fighting with [shortcodes]? No more trial and errors with “shortcodes magic” – Visual Composer will take care of that.

With the Visual Composer your are able to work with responsive design – check out how you website will look on mobile devices during page building process with one click only.

Add columns, rows and choose from 40+ predefined elements divided in logic groups with single click, by using intuitive and handy UI. Then simply use your mouse to drag elements around to re-arrange them. Or use your creativity and skills to extend Visual Composer with unique elements by using our developer API.

Visual Composer is #1 Best Selling drag and drop frontend and backend page builder with 50k+ websites already powered. Join now and create beautiful websites in shortest possible time and with minimum efforts and of course – no coding and [shortcodes].

Visual Composer Features

  • Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface
  • Easy Extendable
  • Frontend Editor
  • Backend Editor
  • Object Oriented Code
  • Multilingual Ready
  • Template System
  • Responsive Grid
  • WordPress User Access Support
  • Custom Post Types Support
  • LifeTime Update Free of Charge
  • Professional Dedicated Support

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2. Ether Content Builder WordPress Plugin

Ether Content Builder WordPress Plugin
Ether Content Builder WordPress Plugin is a powerful tool for building custom content pages aided with innovative visual composer. It comes equipped with many commonly used widgets that can be laid out via interactive drag&drop interface. Ether Builder can use 3rd party widgets as well as custom crafted ones. Ether Builder is actively developed by Por Design and gets regular updates and bug fixes. No coding knowledge is required and it’s a must have brag for any serious content publisher that works with WordPress.


  • Works with any 3rd party themes (contact us in case of problems)
  • Mobile ready / Responsiveness of all widgets and columns – ready to use with responsive layouts.
  • Bunch of (20+) default widgets on every occasion to choose from + custom widgets can be added – See how to
  • Two-way support for sidebar widgets. You can use sidebar widgets in Ether Builder and the other way around!
  • Added: Grid Slider integration (works with gallery, testimonials and services widget)
  • Handy Drag & Drop interface. What you build in the admin panel is a visual representation of what you get on the page
  • Widgets accept shortcodes and html notation
  • Multilingual qTranslate support (a little bit crude at the moment). See usage notes
  • Translation ready (.po/.mo files included)
  • Style switcher featuring dark/light presets to better match differently themed WordPress themes

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3. Live Composer – Front-End Content Creator For WP

Live Composer - Front-End Content Creator For WP
Want to use Live Composer in your Themes?

If you want to use Live Composer in your themes here on ThemeForest, please purchase 1 extended license for each themes (as long as there is no Developer License available) you put on the marketplace! If you have questions about this agreement please contact us.

What is Live Composer

Live Composer is a front-end content builder plugin for WordPress with 28+ modules ( and more to come ) packed with functionality and styling options that allow countless variations to be made easily and without any coding.

Live Feeback

In Live Composer, the content of you pages is built directly on the page, right there in the front-end. This allows you instant feedback on the changes you make and removes the need to go back and forth between the back-end and the front-end.

Extends the theme

Besides the usual modules such as buttons, text, accordions, Live Composer comes with special post types like Projects, Galleries, Downloads, Testimonials, Staff and Partners which push any theme to the next level.

Module Options

Each of the modules comes with many functionality and styling options which allows countless variations to be made easily and without any coding. Want to change paddings, margin, font size, font families, border, background… it’s EASY.

Responsive Options

Easily adjust the modules for tablets and phones with the help of numerous simple to use options that each of the modules comes with.

Templates System

Using the template system you can easily export and import content from one page to another, even from one website to another. LC also comes with some premade templates you can use and modify to your needs, and there will be many more templates to come.

Single Post Templates

Apart from being able to create custom pages, Live Composer also allows you to create post templates that will be used when a single post is shown ( like a blog post ). You can of course have as many templates as you wish, you can choose which post will use which template.

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4. Content Builder

Content Builder
Content Builder – Now creating pages is as easy as drag & drop.
Content Builder is a great WordPress tool that allows you to freely create different types of layout greatly improving the functionality of the CMS and then giving you the chance to save great deal of time in managing and publishing content. Check Out DEMO


  • Heading – five heading sizes allows you to define various content parts.
  • Rich Text Editor – gives you the possibility to make text much more attractive. You can add shortcodes like in basic editor also.
  • Divider – helps to separate different content parts.
  • Image images can be uploaded or selected with native WordPress media window. If sizes are changed, material will be resized automatically.
  • Video – no more difficulties with embed codes. All you need to know is YOUTUBE or VIMEO address.
  • Google Map – it will take a few minutes to apply Google Map on your site. All you need to know is address or coordinates.
  • Layout five different layout combinations let you fully combine your content. With only one click you are able to choose layout which is best for you.
  • Tab – if long content is planned, there is a possibility to use TAB widget, which helps you to save space on the page.
  • Gallery – can be created easily by adding just the pictures you want. Widget will resize and create thumbnails automatically.

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5. Awesome Builder – Drag & Drop Page Builder

Awesome Builder - Drag & Drop Page Builder
Awesome Builder is a WordPress Drag & Drop Page Builder and shortcodes generator that offers the best solution you need to build a modern web page in the easiest way ever.

You don’t have to add any new blocks, just use your current widgets as we support all widgets


  • Use any widget
  • Responsive layout
  • Show/hide any widget in screen
  • Full Width Row Support
  • Row background
  • Video background
  • Clone saved templates
  • support css3 animations for any widget
  • Nested Rows
  • Simple UI
  • 25+ ready widgets
  • Translation files
  • Built with OOP/Less/Bootstrap

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6. Frontend Builder – WordPress Content Assembler

Frontend Builder - WordPress Content Assembler
Design your web page with a simple drag and drop system. Customize the elements with intuitive sidebar options. A modern, must-have solution for your website!

With its intuitive frontend and backend options it is very easy to create a unique web page. The drag & drop system make this plugin an easy-to-use solution for all users regardless of their skill level as designers or developers. On the other hand developers will find this plugin useful because they can assign this plugin to their templates with their own shortcodes and enable their potential users to design their own web pages using template’s elements.

Core elements of Frontend Builder for WordPress

  • Drag & Drop system

By simply dragging and dropping elements on the stage you can add all the content that you need regardless of the template that you are using.

  • Live preview

As you are adding or editing elements to your webpage you are actually modifying your website live. You can hide controls at any time to get the same “feeling” as a visitor.

  • Tons of options

All of the elements that you can add on the page have tons of options that you can use to “fine-tune” a specific element or the entire web page.

  • “Clone” options

Every element in our WordPress Frontend Builder can be cloned and then dragged to a different position. This option saves a lot of time.

  • WordPress Shortcodes

Frontend builder uses wordpress shortcodes as display functions. There is no need to modify your theme. Just map them and your good to go.

  • Pre-made UI system

Every control is at your disposal. Each control has multiple parameters to best suit the attribute you want to use it on.

  • Customizable

Responsive dimensions and margins are changeable. Some or all default shortcodes can be removed. New shortcodes can be included.

  • Fully optimized

No unnecessary scripts are included. Frontend editing is done virtually, on the separate page from the one used as a display.

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7. Drag and Drop Shortcodes – WP Visual Page Builder

Drag and Drop Shortcodes - WP Visual Page Builder
Drag and Drop Shortcodes is a great WordPress plugin that lets you create remarkable things even with mediocre themes. Spice up your content and draw visitors attention to the point! Animate entrance of site elements so your site looks modern and fresh. Use modern parallax effect on sections and with professional look impress even more!

This fantastic plugin lets you create content of pages and post simply, using drag and drop interface, without messing with code. There is no need to remember any shortcode, every attribute is accessible from pop-up modal windows and forms. It is so easy even child can do it 🙂

If you are advanced user there is something you will like – in Text editor highlight shortcode and press Add/Edit Shortcode button, and shortcode will be loaded in modal window form. First plugin with shortcode editing!

Also all content generated with Drag and Drop is immediately added in Text content and vice versa, this way all content is available to other plugins e.g. SEO plugin.

Great Features

  • The Most Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface
  • Visual – Text – Drag and Drop Seamless Transition
  • Parallax Effect on Section Backgrounds
  • 3rd Party Shortcodes Support
  • All Shortcodes / Elements are Fully Responsive
  • Almost All Elements Can Have Entry Animation
  • Select (Highlight) Shortcode To Edit It
  • Fully Translation Ready
  • All Major Browser Supported
  • Valid HTML5 And CSS3
  • Documentation
  • Customer Support
  • Easy To Use

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8. Massive Visual Builder – WordPress Page Builder

Massive Visual Builder - WordPress Page Builder
Massive Visual Builder:is a wordpress page builder that enable its users to build WordPress Pages visually using a wide set of Shortcodes With advanced platform that has every things you need to manage page items and their layouts, came with post modules feature To display posts categories in different customized Style & Skin .


  • Post Modules: Multi miscellaneous modes to display post in fancy ways.
  • 48 Advanced Widgets: massive advanced collection of widgets including HTML widgets, WP widgets and more.
  • Template System: To save and reuse whatever you build.
  • Extendable: Add Custom Content and Massive Visual Builder will interactive with them smoothly.
  • Unlimited Layout: generate infinite templates with different layouts.
  • Responsive Grid: To display in every machine.
  • Easy to use: with Drag and Drop feature and dimensions controller.

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9. WordPress Drag & Drop Page/Post Builder

WordPress Drag n Drop PagePost Builder

Content Elements from both plugins

  • Text Block
  • Paid Downloads (PayPal)
  • Google Fonts
  • Contact Form
  • Post Box
  • Grid Blog Posts Module
  • Google Embeded Docs Frame Module
  • Separator (Divider)
  • Logo
  • Paper
  • Video
  • Testimonial
  • Slogan
  • Image Slider (Nivo Slider & FlexSlider)
  • Buttons
  • List
  • Toggle
  • Tabs
  • Content Slider
  • Social Share Bar
  • Pricing Table
  • Box
  • Widget Area
  • Image (With 4 Image Styles)
  • Gallery
  • Blog Post Grid-Line

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