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How To Add Polls to Website with These WordPress Poll Plugins

Since you have a WordPress site for a long time, and do you really want to know whether your visitors love your site or not? Or may be you just want to ask questions for your visitors to vote on? Has it ever flashed on your mind to create polls and display its result as many graphical figures in nice-designed popup windows? You might say yes for all these questions, but you might don’t know the way to do it.

Now look, there are so many WordPress Polls Plugin out there, and it is your turn to find the suitable polls plugin as your site needed. But, if you ask me to find it anyway, I have had the best 7 WordPress Poll Plugins down here, and you will able to know How To Add Polls to Website With These WordPress Poll Plugins. Here we go!

1. Social Polls by OpinionStage

opinion stage
The Opinion Stage polling WordPress plug-in allows you to easily add social polls (or standard polls) to your website or Facebook page.

Using Opinion Stage’s polling solution, you can discover opinions & people, improve engagement on your site, drive traffic from social networks, research results using social & demographic filters and more.
Get up & going in minutes.

Main Poll Features:

  • Manage all your polls from one dashboard
  • Poll your site visitors using their social network identities or anonymously
  • View the full poll participant list social profiles
  • Filter the poll participant list according to side votes
  • Filter the poll results using social & demographic filters such as social network belonging, gender, location, time-frame and more
  • Get the poll question & poll votes shared in social networks, driving social traffic to your poll and site
  • Set the details of the social sharing (e.g. text, image & link displayed in the Facebook share) to optimize the share for improved visibility and click rates
  • Customize the poll feature to match your needs (e.g. show/don’t show number of votes, show results before / after voting, order sides by most votes or as configured, etc)
  • Customize the poll’s size, font, colour yourself or select from pre-defined poll styles and poll sizes.
  • … much more!
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2. WP-Polls

wp poll
WP-Polls is extremely customizable via templates and css styles and there are tons of options for you to choose to ensure that WP-Polls runs the way you wanted. It now supports multiple selection of answers.

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3. Responsive Poll

Responsive Poll
‘Responsive Poll’ allows you to create polls easily in WordPress. The results can be displayed in a number of fully customisable HTML5 animated charts

  • 7 animated chart types for displaying voting results
  • Allows for multiple polls on a single page
  • Fully customisable
  • Responsive
  • Built using Twitter Bootstrap 3
  • Uses Charts.js
  • ‘Responsive Poll’ uses the HTML5 canvas element. It supports all modern browsers, and polyfills provide support for IE7/8.

Built using Twitter Bootstrap 3 it’s not only responsive but also secure with three layers of security (Cookies, IP, and User ID). You can be sure that your results are accurate as possible.

Animated Chart Types

  • Pie Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Doughnut Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Radar Chart
  • Polar Chart
  • Bootstrap Progress Bars
  • Results Options
  • Always show results before a user votes
  • Allow users to click a link to show results before voting
  • Only show results after a user has voted
  • Never show results

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4. Advanced Polls for WordPress

Advanced Polls for WordPress
ExtStore Advanced Polls is a WordPress plugin which allows you to create polls and display its result as many graphical figures in nice-designed popup windows. There is no restriction in the number of polls, with a single installation users can add and manage polls unlimitedly.

  • Responsive design.
  • Nice and clean design.
  • Built Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Support unlimited polls and answers.
  • Support single or multiple choices for answers to vote.
  • Multiple polls can co-exist on one single webpage.
  • 4 graph types to display result. Normal Line, Full Line, Google Pie Chart and Google Bar Chart.
  • Support Bootstrap modal to display result as popup.
  • Flexible configuration: Max Choices, Time Lag, Result Graph, Show Result, Show Vote.
  • Quick and simple to install.
  • Full management (add, edit, delete, search) in admin panel.
  • Schedule poll with start date and end date.
  • Allow user submit other answer.

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5. WordPress Easy Polling Plugin

WordPress Easy Polling Plugin
The plugin lets you ask questions for your visitors to vote on. You can display the polls as boxes or bar charts.
The bar charts are animated upon click giving your users a visual aid to the popularity of the options that have been presented. Movement and colours are attractive to the eye.

The box charts show “vote” on hover and display the votes after they’ve been clicked on.
Useful for more than just polling

The plugin can be used as a rating system for any of your posts or pages and help you find out which of your posts people really like by giving them the option to vote with just one click

The plugin is really easy to use and fully feature packed.

Plugin Features

  • The plugin is jam packed with features, to name a few:
    • Fully customisable colours
    • As many choices as you’d like
    • Easy to use shortcodes

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6. WP Pro Poll System

WP Pro Poll System
Manage polls the easy way!

The “WP PRO Poll System” WordPress Plugin allows you to create polls on your WordPress site. It has many powerfull features to put very good looking and easy to use polls on your website. You can Create/ Edit polls, Change colors and looks, Limit user votes all in just a handful of seconds.

If you are looking for a simple, easy but very professional way to create polls on your website this plugin is what your looking for!


  • WP PRO POLL SYSTEM V 1.0.5 September 25 2013 (Awaiting Approval)

Improved the way AJAX loads are made when saving votes and results are loaded.
Added the option to close a poll.

  • WP PRO POLL SYSTEM V 1.0.4 September 5 2013

Improved some css.

  • WP PRO POLL SYSTEM V 1.0.3 august 13 2013

Added WP 3.6 fix.

  • WP PRO POLL SYSTEM V 1.0.2 april 21 2013

Added .po/.mo translation option ( english and dutch are already included )

  • WP PRO POLL SYSTEM V 1.0.1 april 19 2013
    • Added custom CSS option.
    • Added default Progress bar option.
    • Added auto plugin updater.
    • Added option to show “votes” and “percentage” (= 25 votes / 15%)
  • WP PRO POLL SYSTEM V 1.0.0 april 17 2013

First release.

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7. Pollify – Simple WordPress Poll Widget

Pollify - Simple WordPress Poll Widget
Pollify is a simple wordpress poll widget comes with 3 layers of security, 5 languages with RTL support, easy to use and setup and Google analytics integration.


  • Simple and easy to use and setup.
  • 3 Layers of security for more credibility.
  • 5+ Languages and RTL support
    • English
    • Arabic
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Dutch
  • Google analytics auto intergration.
  • Animated bars and an elegant design.

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