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How To Create Table Easily In WordPress Post And Page

Want to organize your post content effortlessly? Why didn’t you create a table in order to organize your post content? Is it difficult to do? It isn’t hard to do anymore. By using some of WordPress Add-Ons below, you are able to create or organize table wether on your post or page easily. These add-ons below will show you How To Create Table Easily In WordPress Post And Page.

1. wpDataTables – responsive tables in WordPress

wpDataTables - responsive tables in WordPress
Documentation and examples site contains main documentation, tutorials, feature explanation, and live demos for most of the table types and features.

Sandbox demo site shows you the front-end data editing feature, and there you can see the results of all action that you do in the WP admin panel. All changes and uploads are flushed once per hour.

Sandbox WP Admin panel (login: demo, password: demo) is designed so you could try the plugin, test and see it from the inside before you buy. All changes and uploads are flushed once per hour.

A short list of wpDataTables features:

  • Cute interactive multi-functional front-end jQuery tables with filtering, sorting and pagination features rendered by DataTables jQuery plugin. You can manipulate all features easily from the WordPress admin panel. The initial javascript is compilated by PHP and then executed in your browser.
  • Advanced front-end table features: print view, save to PDF, save to CSV, save to Excel, Copy to clipboard by TableTools DataTables plugin.
  • Different column types: strings, integer, float, date, URL links, e-mail links, images.
  • Column reordering, hiding, specifying different headers and other “runtime” tweaks.
  • Fixed headers and fixed columns feature based on modified FixedHeader DataTables plugin. For high, and wide tables, table header and chosen amount of columns “stick” to the window border when you scroll the table – analog of Excel’s “Freeze Pane” feature. See live example.
  • Row grouping based on Row Grouping DataTables plugin. If a lot of rows have same values of some column you can group them based on the value of this column. The sorting will be performed inside of these groups. See live example.
  • Charts based on Google Chart Tools. Easily render charts from the same dataset as your table. Line charts, Pie charts.

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2. Easy Tables – Table Manager for Visual Composer

Easy Tables - Table Manager for Visual Composer
Powerful table manager for Visual Composer allows you to create and manage tables with drag and drop interface.

Working with your tables will be very familiar “Excel” like experience. Working with tables never been easier on your site. Add, Remove rows or columns in bulk – saves your time. WYSIWYG toolbar with essentials controls – right at your finger prints. No more boring tables, take full control over your data and presentation!

List of features

  • “Excel” like interface
  • Add/Remove rows and columns in bulk
  • WYSIWYG toolbar with essential controls (font size, bold, italic, underline, strike through, font color, cell background color, text alignment, cell borders)
  • Bonus: 12 Table Visual themes for your tables

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3. Indexa – Table of Contents for WordPress

Indexa - Table of Contents for WordPress
Indexa is a WordPress plugin that creates a table of contents in your post, page or custom post type.

Through the settings you can insert it before the content, after the content, using a widget in your sidebars or inline in the content using a shortcode. When a link in the table is clicked, the page smoothly scrolls towards the heading. Suitable for long articles with sections, documentation, tutorials and more.


  • Choose post, page and/or custom post type to show a table of contents
  • Specify the headings to include in the table
  • Create table automatically only if there’s a specified amount of headings
  • Set the necessary number of headings to create a table
  • Add a table of contents section header
  • Allow toggling the table of contents
  • Fluid responsive
  • Simple or nested counters in decimal or roman format
  • Choose whether to show a “back to top” button
  • Select to jump instantly to the headings or smoothly scroll the viewport towards them
  • Preserve custom heading IDs and CSS classes
  • Disable the TOC on a entry by entry basis
  • Set a custom TOC header entry by entry or set a general one
  • Includes widget and shortcode for alternative placement
  • Customize colors and position in content
  • Panel for custom CSS rules and properties so they’re preserved during upgrades or even if you change the site’s theme.
  • Advanced users can take advantage of the filters included to modify the TOC markup output

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4. Visual Table Formatting

Visual Table Formatting
Visual Table Formatting from WP Melon

Creating and managing colorful tables has never been more intuitive and straightforward with this plugin. The visual editor lets you add, edit, change cell formatting in a familiar, spreadsheet-like way. Avoiding the database, all the data is stored in a single shortcode, thus making it extremely easy to transfer between different posts or wordpress installations.


  • Easy to use interface, zero coding skills required.
  • Change font and cell color.
  • Make font bold, italic, underline and strikethrough.
  • Choose custom border color and style (row, cell, column, theme and none).
  • Custom row color on mouse over (optional).
  • Insert pictures and links.
  • Full support of horizontal and vertical alignment.
  • Move/copy text and formatting.
  • Merge/unmerge cells.
  • Custom table width and cell padding.
  • Has 15 predefined table styles.
  • Import used shortcodes or delimiter-separated values.

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5. ACF Table Editor Field

ACF Table Editor Field
ACF Table Editor Field adds a new ACF field that creates an Excel like grid table that can be populated by admin users. The data can then be rendered as an HTML table on the frontend of your site.

This plugin requires the free plugin Advanced Custom Fields


  • Create Excel like tables for your admin users to populate with data
  • Control of the table columns and header names
  • Control of the table width in the metaboxes
  • Add and remove rows dynamically
  • Undo and redo table data
  • Drag down ability to copy cells
  • Integrates seamlessly with Advanced Custom Fields
  • Compatible with ACF Repeater & ACF Flexible Content Addons
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Full documentation

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