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May 5, 2014
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May 6, 2014

How to Use Filezilla FTP Client for WordPress Beginners

FTP as known as File Transfer Protocol. And Filezilla is one of the most popular FTPs ever. Filezilla FTP client is used to access the server of our webhosting cpanel (control panel) that we use to host a blog or website that is self-hosted. Filezilla especially important to upload a big file or files within a folder into a webhosting from a PC. Actually there are a lot of free FTP you can find on the internet. But Filezilla is the most popular and most credible one for me.

If you have a self-hosted web site or blog, it will be a must that Filezilla is already installed on your PC. In otherwise, for those who run a free blog such as, so you do not need to use FTP.

So, this is more details about Filezilla:

  • Name of software : Filezilla
  • Website :
  • Download : Free download for all kind of OS (operating system)
  • Installation : After download, just double-click the .exe file. The process will be self-explanatory.


How to setup, connect and integrate your server with Filezilla so that you can upload or download a file or many files within a folder to your wehbosting :

1. Click Filezilla icon in desktop
2. Choose ‘New Site’
3. Fill in the site name and the host
4. In ‘Logon type’ give a tickmark next to the ‘Normal’
5. Fill in the Username and Password to enter your cpanel
6. Click ‘Save and Exit’. That’s up.

Since now whenever you want to upload file to your server, simply click “Filezilla” in my desktop >> click ‘your site name’ >> click Connect. Two boxes will be popped out on left side and right side. Left side consist of files in your PC, and right side box figures the files in your webhosting.


Whenever you want to upload a file or folder, simply press the file or folder from left-side and drag it into the right side. For example, if you want to put a plugin file, just drag the “plugin_file.php” into public_html >> wp-content >> plugins >> put it here.

Using Filezilla, you can also change file attributes knows as CHMOD. Click the file in the webhost >> right-click >> File attributes >> check the box you want.

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