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How to Make a Custom Scrollbar in WordPress

In this article, we will show you how to add a custom scrollbar in WordPress without writing any code. Some websites and web apps add custom scrollbars to meet their site’s UI or brand colors. Have you ever come across a site that has custom scrollbars?


A Custom scrollbar can be added with CSS into any WordPress website, this solution is not ideal for beginners. Due to browser compatibility issues, there’s a plugin for that.

You need to install and activate the Dewdrop Custom Scrollbar Plugin through Settings » Dewdrop Scrollbar Options to configure the settings.


You need to configure the scrollbar color on the plugin settings page. You can also adjust the width and color of the scrollbar border. Then select width for your scrollbar, the default width is 12px. Once you have done it, click save.

Go to your website to see the changes. Now your scroll bar meets to your website colour scheme. Keep customizing the look of your scrollbar until you get the desired result.

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