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How to Set Up Hidden Content In WordPress With Social Content Locker Plugin

Do you want to get more Facebook likes, Google +1s, Tweets?

Social media plays very crucial part on blogging. Now days almost every blogs 30% traffic are came from social media and its increase day by day. I hope you also doing well on social media to bring more traffic.
Social content locking plugins can boost your social traffic and your website ranking to a new level. Google is favoring social signals to rank websites in SERPs these days so it will be wise to do anything that increases Facebook, Google, twitter,pinterest fans. For design site which share free resources they can opt for mutual benefit option like share to download, tweet to download, like to download or a combination of all. These scripts are designed for WordPress plugins.

Yes, you can. The idea is that, the most valuable content of your blog post will be locked behind a set of social buttons. You readers will have to share your posts on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to access the hidden content. You can do it easily by using a WordPress plugin. While using these plugins, you have to make sure that you aren’t hurting your readers and subscribers by doing something dumb. You will have to make a win-win situation.

Here I Listed 7 Best WordPress Social Content Locker Plugins 2016

1. Social Locker for WordPress



2. Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin


Social Share&Locker Pro is far away the best Social sharing plugin for WordPress. Was built to cover all the necessities and to gets more Shares into your website. With a Social Locker module integrated, brings over the Social Network a bigger exposure and viral visitors.


3. Viral Coupon – Like, Tweet or G+ to get a Discount


Make your e-commerce site go viral by offering your customers a discount if they Facebook Like, Google+1 or Tweet about your site. Viral Coupon integrates with WooCommerce to automatically apply a coupon if the user Likes or Shares your link. Viral Coupon is the first of its kind to combine the power of Facebook, Google+ and Twitter with the incentive of a discount. More likes and tweets = More sales $$$!


4. Viral Lock – Like, Google+1 or Tweet to Unlock


Make your site go viral by requiring your users to Facebook Like, Google+1 or Tweet about your site to reveal premium content. Simply wrap the content you want to protect with the [viral-lock] shortcode and the content will be protected until the users shares your page. Viral-Lock is the first of its kind to combine Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to give maximal viral impact. More likes and tweets = More money for you.


5. Social Content Locker for WordPress


Social Content Locker for WordPress gives you instant access to over 2 BILLION social media users allowing them to share your content to unlock it. Combine Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn to create a social media traffic generating powerhouse of your WordPress site. More Shares = More Traffic = More $$$


6. Share Locker


Share Locker is a WordPress plugin that lets you hide a content on a page or a post. If a visitor wants to unlock the content, she needs to click on a social button like Facebook Share, Facebook Like, Twitter, Google+ and VK.com. This feature is very useful to make your page and web site more social and viral and to gain a lot of authority and trust for the search engine positioning.


7. Facebook Viral Content Locker for WordPress


This plugin enables you to lock a content (text, video, images, etc…) inside your WordPress posts or pages, and let your users only access it after connecting with their Facebook account. You can also activate the “Share on Facebook” to unlock, forcing your visitors to share your page link on their Facebook wall before being able to unlock the page


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